It is Berry Picking Time!

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Blueberries still being picked

No Blackberries on Friday,  7/1 they are just not ripe enough. We have lots of red ones that need some time!  We have blueberries.


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Our planned calendar for picking is below.  Just show up when we are open to pick no need for an appointment for blueberries or blackberries.  

Pick for the Pantry - Last year with your help we picked 100 pints for our local pantries.  This year we want to break that record & shoot for 200 by starting earlier.  If you pick them we will pack, deliver & donate them and donate them to the local pantry. Pick an extra bucket. 1/2 or 1/4 and let us know at checkout they are for the pantry.  Besides your field time there is no cost to you.

If you cannot make our scheduled picking times then email us @ and we will sort something out with you. 

Alan & Lil

Cal July 1.png


Blueberries are winding down.  Picking Patriots and Drapers now.  Still plentiful.


Looks like a good crop this year.   We are not planning a pick list this year but they get picked out early in the day so plan as such.


Pretty much done for this cycle. Might have more later in the summer.  If so we will call down the picking list.


Looking at end of July to early  August for the berries.