It's Picking Time
OzBF's Planned Picking Schedule
 Here are the picking schedules for the next couple weeks.  However stay tuned to alerts in case we run out of berries, weather goes nuts or we decide to have more open times.
These are the planned open times for the week of the 13th. If you cannot make our scheduled picking times then  email us @ and we will sort something out with you. 
Planned schedule for the week of the 20th.  

Sad News: 

We will not have blackberries this year.  There was a ton of blossoms until Mr. Frosty showed up in April. We thought they had survived, but they didn't.  

Tabletop Strawberries

The strawberries look like they are done until this fall.  If you put your name on the strawberry picking list then we keep working down the list and contact you as soon as the berries show up.  The day-neutral berries  produce when the temperatures are cooler (<85).  We think production will start up in mid September and last until frost.
Here is our current Picking View
Alan & Lil
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