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Starting June 3, construction will occur on the I44 & Highway H bridge; the exit ramp from Cuba is open. However, if you are traveling westward, from the STL direction,  you must exit at Bourbon and take Old Hwy 66 to Highway H.

Open Times:

Wednesday through Saturday, June 12-15 Open Morn 8-11 AM

Wednesday & Thursday< June 12-13, Open Eve 4-7 PM

Closed Friday Eve

Next Week

Open  Monday-Saturday 8-11 AM or until the berries run out

No evening hours

All blueberries are ready for picking.  Our blueberry season is starting to wind down. While plenty of nice berries are available, the bushes aren't loaded with ripe berries like before. While still good picking is available there is limited time left before the season ends.


Blackberry Update - When we went to pick the first batch of blackberries, I found several that were super soft. Upon closer inspection, I noticed they had been attacked by Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD). SWD is a fruit fly that lays eggs in ripening fruit, causing it to soften. While the extra protein from the larvae is not harmful to consume, the rapid propagation of SWD can quickly make the entire crop undesirable. To learn more about SWD, click here.


Our options for SWD are limited. We can spray, which is a last resort, or remove the affected berries, which we will be doing.  We will be stripping all ripe fruit.  There are still a lot of green berries, so with some dry weather, we may be able to harvest them in a week or so. We will let you know when the conditions improve.

Alan & Lil C

Welcome to the 2024 Berry Season 

Our recent Berry Alert highlights all the plans for this season. Click Here to see a copy.

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