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Ever heard of Tabletop Strawberries

We always wanted to do strawberries but the commercial inground method involved too many chemicals for fumigating the soil. The trough method of growing berries was originally used in hydroponics but in Netherlands quickly spread to what has now become the tabletop method.

There are one or two places in the US also using this approach. In our design the strawberries are on a raised platform each holding four 10 foot long troughs. The troughs are filled with an organic substrate that drains well and offers high air porosity. Th berries are then fertigated (via the drip system) on a very regular basis for the nourishment versus spreading fertilizer on the ground. We planted 880 strawberry plants and expect picking to begin at blueberry season time and then another flush in the fall around September. The plan will be to lower the troughs to the ground in the winter and cover them. Raising them back up in the spring for the last flush of berries next year and then replant.

We think your back and ours will really appreciate this new approach to strawberry plus produce some great local fruit.

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