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OzBF - Let's Hope its gone by our 2021 season but for your information this was our 2020 -Be Safe Together

Be Safe Together - Covid-19 Plans @ OzBF

Together we can insure that the customers and workers are safe and comfortable in our picking environment.

As we all try to return to a new normal, it is more than just business opening their doors.  People have a large range of concern over the virus ranging from super concerned to no big deal.  For business and our economy to restart means a large majority of these people need to feel comfortable in the shopping environment.

That comfort comes from changes in how business is done, but also by the actions of the other customers. 

So we need your help in making everyone at the farm feel comfortable with picking.  Please help us “Be Safe Together” by being attentive and aware of others concerns.

Here are the actions we are putting in place and we greatly appreciate your cooperation.  If anyone has any ideas to improve drop us an email.

Let’s get the don’ts out of the way:  If not feeling well please don’t come to the farm.  You can use our We-Pick option.  Do not bring your own picking containers, they all have to be new and untouched. No animals on the farm. 

Some possible do’s: Bring sunscreen, hat, water bottle and a sitting bucket if you prefer, as we cannot offer those this year.  Masks, if you prefer, for check-in but the rest of the time social distancing will be easy to do.  We will wear masks anytime we cannot maintain that social distancing of 6-10 feet.  Remember masks are not so much about protecting you but protecting those around you.

Schedule:  As always we will post our open times via the email alerts.  We will have more open days this year to help spread people out. We will also have small group exclusive picking; see U-Pick a Date.

U-Pick a Date:  Not comfortable in larger groups?   In our email alerts and on our website we will have a link in which you may reserve a slot.  It would be a 2 hour window.  We will restrict the number of pickers so it will be a small exclusive picking.  The group size will vary based on number of ripe rows we have available and insuring a  wide separation between pickers. Go here to schedule your date -  U-Pick a Date

We-Pick means we will pick, sort and pack berries for pickup.  You must pre-order these at the  OzBF Store.  However you do not pay till pickup.  We will also deliver We-pick berries to the Point Labbaddie Farmers Market in Grey Summit for our remote customers on Thursdays. 


Tri-Berry Jelly (blueberry, blackberry & elderberry) will be for sale along with our berries however if you want to be sure to get some I suggest you place an order here at the OzBF store.  Pay for them at pickup.

Check-in and Out will be different this year to avoid contact.  Upon check-in you may buy bucket/baskets for blue and/or blackberries.  Bucket prices and sizes are: Large:  5.5-6 lbs, or Small: 2.5-3 lbs. These are yours to keep.  You pay for your buckets at check-in, pick and leave. No checkout, weighing or other handling of your berries. Sorry no outside picking containers and we can't sell partial buckets.  

Picking is a great natural social distancing.  Groups that come together may pick opposite or next to each other in a row, otherwise we will stagger and ask people to remain separated when picking.  Rows being picked will be marked with flags.

Payment:  Pin-less Credit or Debit with chip, Apple-pay, Google Pay Cash, Check,   -  We will take any of these but strongly advise electronic payments (we use square payment processor) as you may tap or insert and remove it from the reader without contact to your card.

Our restroom will be available and we will sanitize it often.  Hand sanitizer will be available as well as soaps for washing hands.

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