Strawberries (Our trial)

Strawberries will produce through the summer and then hopefully a big flush in the fall until frost.  We are picking strawberries via a list of those interested, working down it as the berries become available. Email us if you are interested and have not already signed up.

Tabletop Strawberries.jpg
So we designed and built the tables over the winter and ordered the 880 plants.  The strawberries are planted in the troughs and fertilized quite often like in hydroponics growing.  The plan is to have the first flush available at blueberry picking time followed by another flush in early fall around September till frost.  The big question is to see if the quantity/quality of berries is viable for further expansion.  
The Story

We always wanted to do strawberries but the commercial process required heavy in- ground fumigation and that was just too many chemicals for us.  Through research of work done in the Netherlands we landed on the concept of tabletop strawberries and decided to try it.