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OzBF Blueberries 

Our varieties are Duke, Patriot, Blueray and Draper.  Each variety ripens at a different time of the season.  Our season starts about mid June and ends  mid July

As can be seen in the graph below the peak picking is typically the end of June.  That is because all the berries are available and ripe for picking.  Picking at the beginning of the season allows for time to do multiple pickings and typically obtain some of the larger berries which come early.  Picking at the end of the season will harvest the ripest and typically sweetest berries.

  • Duke - Berries are mildly tart, medium to large in size, very firm ,and retains a fresh quality longer than most other varieties. These ripen first.

  • Patriot -  The large berries have that classic sweet taste one associates with blueberries. These are our second of the season.

  • Blueray -  The huge berries growing abundantly in large clusters on the upright, open branches have a sweet, high-quality flavor.  The third in our ripening sequence.  Timing is important to be able to pick when the clusters are fully ripe.  A favorite among many of our pickers. Berry Alerts will keep you advised.

  • Draper -  the superior qualities of the Draper are the firm berries, and the wonderful rich Blueberry flavor. This early mid-season variety boasts large, powder blue, firm, excellently flavored berries.  This is our last producer usually late June early July.  One of my favorites.


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It was a long season, we picked till July 20, 2021

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