OzBF Blackberries


Our early variety Blackberries, Natchez,  are large and sweet and is an early variety so they will be available in the blueberry season.   Our season starts in late June and ends mid to late July.

After the berries have set & we can determine quantity available,   we will decide to have either open picking like in the blueberries or set up a picking list like in the strawberries.

We have a couple rows on a new cross-arm trellising method   It will make picking easier, plants more productive and shade berries from birds and sun.  We will like to see what you think of it this berry season.

Cross Arm Trellis.jpg
Blackberries Spring.jpg

The X-arm story

OzBF removes old canes each year right after picking and tie up new canes regularly  till winter.  In the spring when blossoms begin the x-arm (sometimes called rotating-arm) is laid flat (see picture to left)  forcing all the blooms to pop out on the up side toward the sun.  When the blooms are done the cross arm is raised and the berries are ripened on one side of the trellis.  The angle of the trellis (see top right picture) makes the berries hang down for easier picking.